Breakfast Bend

This is the perfect Similan Islands dive site to begin your scuba diving adventures. Jump from our Liveaboard yacht charter into crystal clear waters and gently descend down to 25 meters, where you will encounter scattered rock formations and beautiful soft corals with many Sea Fans, all gracefully complementing each other to create a living garden of colors.

Similan Islands Map Islands - Breakfast BendBreakfast Bend coral reef is for the most part only 5 meters deep, which allows for beginner scuba divers to exercise their newly acquired skills and become acquainted with the Similan beauty that further awaits in deeper divesites.

Currents in this divesite are usually fairly quiet and allow for easy diving. The center of the divesite however, tends to split into two currents pushing north and south. Here you have the opportunity to decide which current you wish to ride, as the north stream will float you up to another site, the North Point, and the south stream to more shallow waters.


Breakfast Bend Dive Site Details

Breakfast Bend  Walking Octopus - Similan Island Divesites
Recommended live aboard diver certification: Beginner or higher

Maximum depth: 35 – 40 meters

Temperature: 27+ degrees

Visibility: 20+ meters

Divesite marine life: Sweetlips, Snappers, Fusiliers, Bat Fish, Yellow-tail Barracudas, Green Turtles, Octupus, Ghost Pipe Fish in the extended reef, and Garden Eels, many kinds of Trigger fish, as well as Clown Trigger fish, swim together with Leopard Sharks in the sandy bottom of the divesite.


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Koh Bon West Ridge

Fun Diving in the Simlan IslandsTo the north of Similan Island number 9 lies Koh Bon island, famous for the massive Manta Rays swimming around its waters. As most other islands around Koh Bon are made of granite, this little island’s limestone outline is a stunning change from the surrounding scenery.

On the southeast side of the island there is a cliff which slopes down into the water almost vertically from the surface, thereby forming a wall of 33 meters. This levels off to a ridge filled with corals before it drops down to over 40 meters. This whole ridge features gardens of beautiful soft corals with an array of blue, yellow and turquoise colours, not usually seen in other dive sites. This makes Koh Bon a spectacular dive site with rare offerings to quench your diver appetite.

Koh Bon is also a spectacular divesite to visit for your liveaboard night diving. This is Lobster central, but bear in mind you are here to just look, not to catch your dinner!

As the dive site bay is sheltered, quite often there are no currents. However on the southwestern side two currents join together to create a rather unpredictable flow, making this site both exciting and exhilarating to the experienced diver. If you find yourself struggling against the currents, just hide round the corner.


Koh Bon West Ridge Dive Site Details

Recommended live aboard diver certification: Advanced Diver

Maximum depth: 35-40 meters

Visibility: 20+

Temperature: 27+

Divesite marine life: with currents transferring a wide variety of nutrients, much aquatic life is attracted to this site, including the Manta Rays mentioned above and also Reef Sharks and a large variety of Barracudas, Tuna fish and Trevallies. Within the cracks and around the ridge you will find Pipefish, Octupus, Nudibranches, Manta Shrimps, Cuttle Fish and all colour shades of Cowrie shells. Also Lobsters at night.


More Outer Similan Island Dive Sites

Shark Fin Reef

Located southeast of island number 3, Shark Fin Reef gets its name from the three pointy tops of the reef, looking like a shark’s fins, which protrude from the water, when the tide is low.

Detailed Map of Shark Fin Reef - Similan Islands 1 2 3This reef boasts granite boulders as long as 1 kilometer. It has steep walls shaped so perfectly that one would think they were the result of someone’s artwork.

At the edge the reef stretches downward to a sandy 35 meter deep bottom. In the north one finds massive boulders surrounded by small rocks and the waters are a bit shallower. The areas all around these boulders are covered in soft and hard corals and gorgeous sea fans.
This is a well known for its strong currents divesite, particularly at the top of the boulders, where it’s difficult to find shelter. Across the length of the deeper waters of the site however, one can more easily hide from the currents.

Many of our liveaboards will sail you to Shark Fin Reef where you can continue your exciting scuba dive trips, testing your skills and physique against these strong currents, while catching awesome views of vibrant marine life to be found in the site.


Shark Fin Reef Dive Site Details

Liveaboard Diving Similan Islands - Giant Moray Eel at Shark Fin Reef
Recommended live aboard diver certification: Advanced or higher

Maximum depth: 35-40 meters

Visibility: 20+ meters

Temperature: 27+ degrees

Divesite marine life: Boxfish, Humphead Parrot Fish and Napoleon Wrasse, a wealth of fusiliers and Cleaner Wrasse, Giant Moray Eels, Kuhls Stingrays as well as Leopard Sharks


More Similan Island Dive Sites

East Of Eden

Located in southeast of island number 7, East of Eden is by far the most widely famous dive site across the Similan Islands. In the southern area of the site one finds a deep pinnacle which starts at 24 meters and ends somewhere around 12 meters.

Detailed Map Of The East Of Eden Divesite In The Similan Islands 1 2 3This is beautifully covered in massive Table Corals, Feather Star Worms of all colours, Sea Fans of all sizes and Anemones gently dancing to the rhythm of the waters of the site, all attracting a wealth of marine life.

East Of Eden is an ecosystem in its own right! You will find that it is the most filmed and photographed dive site in the world.

As your liveaboard diving cruise takes you into this area, you may catch your self wondering which other dive site can top this one. Not to worry, there are many wonders to be found in many other areas of the Similan Islands, promptly visited by our liveaboards. For now, just relax and enjoy the diversity of aquatic life living within the underwater walls somewhere East Of Eden.

Currents in this dive site are always gentle and run from the north to the south of the site. You can dive here quite comfortably.


East Of Eden Dive Site Details

East Of Eden - Liveaboard Diving Adventures - Ghost Pipe Fish
Recommended live aboard diver certification: Open Water

Maximum depth: 35 meters

Visibility: 20+ meters

Temperature: 27+ degrees

Divesite marine life: Purple Fire Goby, Dart Goby and Garden Eels can be found at the sandy bottom of the site. In the morning one also finds Leopard Sharks as well. A wide variety of tropical fish can be seen as you drift upwards to more shallow areas, along with Octupus, Banded Sea Snakes, Hawksbill and further up Green Turtles. On the southern edge of the site you will find the Bommie attracting an surprising wealth of aquatic life. Smaller creatures include Ornate Ghost Pipe Fish and Nudibranches.


More Similan Island Dive Sites

Similan Islands

The world famous Similan Islands Marine National Park, in the Andaman Sea of Thailand, consists of 9 stunning islands, all uninhabited. Besides the paradise found on the islands themselves, with amazing rock formations and beautiful white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, the marine life in the underwater world is astounding.

Map of the Similan Islands Dive Sites in ThailandA variety of corals, soft and hard, house the wealth of aquatic life whose reputation has reached across the world. Fully protected under National Law, Thailand’s Similan Islands offer the richest and most diverse coral reefs to be found in the entire globe.

The Similan Islands provide the best grounds for rich and exciting liveaboard dive trips. This is the best place for you to begin your scuba diving adventures or indeed, to further advance your diving skills and certifications on board one of our luxury liveaboard vessels. Divided into Western and Eastern dive sites, the Similan Islands offer opportunities for unique and diverse dive trips, depending on what you prefer to see and experience.

The Western area boasts grand granite boulders with rock formations all covered with soft corals, thereby creating a variety of holes and caves, perfect for swimming through. It has crystal clear visibility and the currents around the rock formations are sure to leave you feeling excited and exhilarated, willing and ready for more.
The Eastern area on the other hand, well protected from the monsoon coming from the south-west boasts white sandy beaches that stretch underwater to a wealth of hard and soft corals. The currents are never strong in this area, which makes diving and navigation quite simple and easy.

No matter which of these areas you find yourself in, all you have to do is feast your eyes on the stunning images that surround you and you will only hunger for more. At Island Cruises we offer Similan liveaboard cruises and dive packages to suit all budgets and preferences. Much like in the Surin Islands, the Similan Islands underwater world will take your breath away, so please remember scuba diving rule number one and keep breathing!


Similan Island Dive Sites

Outer Similans

Within the Similan Islands National Marine Park, one finds incredible dive sites, such as Koh Bon and Koh Tachai, which are geologically separate from the near by Similan islands. They are famous for their pelagic sightings and also provide opportunities for thrilling night diving. Their wonders however do not end there. Read detailed descriptions of these sites below, to have a sense of the unimaginable wealth of aquatic life that awaits you, when you book one of our liveaboard yacht charters, with our company Island Cruises.

Richelieu Rock is a spectacular, world famous dive site quite further away from the Northern Similan Islands.

It is part of the Surin Islands National Park, but we have included it in our Outer Similans page, as it is typically included in most of our Similan Island liveaboard diving packages.

All of these dive sites attract large numbers of all sizes of colourful fish and rich gardens of many kinds of corals and little critters. You will without a doubt be amazed at what you see and will be dreaming of your next scuba diving live aboard adventure before you even return home.


Outer Similan Island Dive Sites