MV Scuba Adventure Schedule

SCHEDULE 2010-2011My

4 Days / 4 Nights – 14 Dives
5 Days / 5 Nights – 18 Dives**
November to May
– Depart 5.00 pm – Return 5.30 pm

SA60/10 14. Nov 10 4D/4N 18. Nov 10 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA61/10 19. Nov 10 4D/4N 23. Nov 10 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA62/10 24. Nov 10 4D/4N 28. Nov 10 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA63/10 30. Nov 10 4D/4N 04. Dec 10 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA65/10 08. Dec 10 4D/4N 12. Dec 10 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA66/10 14. Dec 10 4D/4N 18. Dec 10 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA68/10 22. Dec 10 4D/4N 26. Dec 10 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA69/10 28. Dec 10 5D/5N 02. Jan 11 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA1/11 04. Jan 11 5D/4N 08. Jan 11 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA3/11 12. Jan 11 4D/4N 16. Jan 11 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA4/11 18. Jan 11 4D/4N 22. Jan 11 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA6/11 26. Jan 11 4D/4N 30. Jan 11 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA7/11 01. Feb 11 4D/4N 05. Feb 11 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA9/11 09. Feb 11 4D/4N 13. Feb 11 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA10/11 15. Feb 11 4D/4N 19. Feb 11 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA12/11 23. Feb 11 4D/4N 27. Feb 11 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA13/11 01. Mar 11 4D/4N 05. Mar 11 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA15/11 09. Mar 11 4D/4N 13. Mar 11 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA16/11 15. Mar 11 4D/4N 19. Mar 11 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA18/11 23. Mar 11 4D/4N 27. Mar 11 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA19/11 29. Mar 11 4D/4N 02. Apr 11 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA21/11 04. Apr 11 4D/4N 10. Apr 11 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA22/11 12. Apr 11 4D/4N 16. Apr.11 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA24/11 21. Apr.11 4D/4N 25. Apr.11 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA25/11 26. Apr.11 4D/4N 30. Apr.11 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock
SA27/11 04. Mai 11 4D/4N 08. Mai 11 Sim/Sur/Richelieu Rock

3 Days / 3 Nights – 10 Dives
December to May – Depart 5.00 pm – Return 5.30 pm

SA64/10 04. Dec 10 3D/3N 07. Dec 10 Hin Deang / Hin Muang
SA67/10 18. Dec 10 3D/3N 21. Dec 10 Hin Deang / Hin Muang
SA2/11 08. Jan 11 3D/3N 11. Jan 11 Hin Deang / Hin Muang
SA5/11 22. Jan 11 3D/3N 25. Jan 11 Hin Deang / Hin Muang
SA8/11 05. Feb 11 3D/3N 08. Feb 11 Hin Deang / Hin Muang
SA11/11 19. Feb 11 3D/3N 22. Feb 11 Hin Deang / Hin Muang
SA14/11 05. Mar 11 3D/3N 08. Mar 11 Hin Deang / Hin Muang
SA17/11 19. Mar 11 3D/3N 22. Mar 11 Hin Deang / Hin Muang
SA20/11 02. Apr 11 3D/3N 05. Apr 11 Hin Deang / Hin Muang
SA23/11 16. Apr.11 3D/3N 19. Apr.11 Hin Deang / Hin Muang
SA26/11 30. Apr.11 3D/3N 03. Mai 11 Hin Deang / Hin Muang
SA28/11 08. Mai 11 3D/3N 11. Mai 11 Hin Deang / Hin Muang
SA29/11 12. Mai 11 3D/3N 15. Mai 11 Hin Deang / Hin Muang

3 Days / 2 Nights – 11 Dives
July to September – Depart 7.30 am – Return 5.00 pm

SA30/11 01. Jul 11 3D/2N 03. Jul 11 Phi Phi / Koh Haa
SA33/11 09. Jul 11 3D/2N 11. Jul 11 Phi Phi / Koh Haa
SA34/11 13. Jul 11 2D/1N 15. Jul 11 Phi Phi / Koh Haa
SA37/11 21. Jul 11 3D/2N 23. Jul 11 Phi Phi / Koh Haa
SA38/11 25. Jul 11 3D/2N 27. Jul 11 Phi Phi / Koh Haa
SA41/11 02. Aug 11 3D/2N 04. Aug 11 Phi Phi / Koh Haa
SA42/11 06. Aug 11 3D/2N 08. Aug 11 Phi Phi / Koh Haa
SA46/11 17. Aug 11 3D/2N 19. Aug 11 Phi Phi / Koh Haa
SA47/11 21. Aug 11 3D/2N 23. Aug 11 Phi Phi / Koh Haa
SA50/11 29. Aug 11 3D/2N 31. Aug 11 Phi Phi / Koh Haa
SA51/11 02. Sep 11 3D/2N 04. Sep 11 Phi Phi / Koh Haa
SA54/11 10. Sep 11 3D/2N 12. Sep 11 Phi Phi / Koh Haa
SA55/11 14. Sep 11 3D/2N 16. Sep 11 Phi Phi / Koh Haa
SA58/11 22. Sep 11 3D/2N 24. Sep 11 Phi Phi / Koh Haa
SA59/11 26. Sep 11 3D/2N 28. Sep 11 Phi Phi / Koh Haa

2 Days / 1 Night – 7 Dives
July to September – Depart 7.30 am – Return 5.00 pm

SA31/11 04. Jul 11 2D/1N 05. Jul 11 Racha Yai / Noi
SA32/11 07. Jul 11 2D/1N 08. Jul 11 Racha Yai / Noi
SA35/11 16. Jul 11 2D/1N 17. Jul 11 Racha Yai / Noi
SA36/11 19. Jul 11 2D/1N 20. Jul 11 Racha Yai / Noi
SA39/11 28. Jul 11 2D/1N 29. Jul 11 Racha Yai / Noi
SA40/11 31. Jul 11 2D/1N 01. Aug 11 Racha Yai / Noi
SA43/11 09. Aug 11 2D/1N 10. Aug 11 Racha Yai / Noi
SA44/11 12. Aug 11 2D/1N 13. Aug 11 Racha Yai / Noi
SA45/11 15. Aug 11 2D/1N 16. Aug 11 Racha Yai / Noi
SA48/11 24. Aug 11 2D/1N 25. Aug 11 Racha Yai / Noi
SA49/11 27. Aug 11 2D/1N 28. Aug 11 Racha Yai / Noi
SA52/11 05. Sep 11 2D/1N 06. Sep 11 Racha Yai / Noi
SA53/11 08. Sep 11 2D/1N 09. Sep 11 Racha Yai / Noi
SA56/11 17. Sep 11 2D/1N 18. Sep 11 Racha Yai / Noi
SA57/11 20. Sep 11 2D/1N 21. Sep 11 Racha Yai / Noi
SA60/11 29. Sep 11 2D/1N 30. Sep 11 Racha Yai / Noi



Deep Six

Deriving its name from its great depth, Deep Six boasts massive boulders laid on top of each other, creating a maze of caverns and areas to swim through. This really is the place to fine tune your buoyancy skills during your liveaboard scuba diving adventure in the Similan Islands.

Deep Six Similan Islands Map Islands 4 5 6 7As you swim away from the boulders you can drop down to depths of almost 50 meters, encountering a variety of fish and aquatic life. The best thing about this divesite is the Kuhl Sting Rays and the nearly extinct and rarely seen Andaman Sweetlips, which you can only see here.

Enjoy your dive, swimming with gentle Leopard Sharks and see the most fascinating colourful Mantis Shrimps.

Currents here change depending on the flow of the tide and they can are likely to pick up, nudging you away from the boulders; if you need shelter from the storm just head for the eastern part of Deep Six.


Deep Six Dive Site Details

Picture of a Mantis Shrimp at Deep Six divesite in the Similan Islands
Recommended live aboard diver certification: Advanced or higher

Maximum depth: 40-50 meters

Temperature: 27+ degrees

Visibility: 20+ meters

Divesite marine life: Plenty of small creatures like Harlequins, Pipefish, Octopus, Banded Sea Snakes, Nudibranches, Mantis Shrimps in the protected areas under the boulders, and Kuhl Sting Rays, along with Barracudas, Groupers, Snappers, Sweetlips and, last but not least, Leopard Sharks.


More Similan Island Dive Sites

Breakfast Bend

This is the perfect Similan Islands dive site to begin your scuba diving adventures. Jump from our Liveaboard yacht charter into crystal clear waters and gently descend down to 25 meters, where you will encounter scattered rock formations and beautiful soft corals with many Sea Fans, all gracefully complementing each other to create a living garden of colors.

Similan Islands Map Islands - Breakfast BendBreakfast Bend coral reef is for the most part only 5 meters deep, which allows for beginner scuba divers to exercise their newly acquired skills and become acquainted with the Similan beauty that further awaits in deeper divesites.

Currents in this divesite are usually fairly quiet and allow for easy diving. The center of the divesite however, tends to split into two currents pushing north and south. Here you have the opportunity to decide which current you wish to ride, as the north stream will float you up to another site, the North Point, and the south stream to more shallow waters.


Breakfast Bend Dive Site Details

Breakfast Bend  Walking Octopus - Similan Island Divesites
Recommended live aboard diver certification: Beginner or higher

Maximum depth: 35 – 40 meters

Temperature: 27+ degrees

Visibility: 20+ meters

Divesite marine life: Sweetlips, Snappers, Fusiliers, Bat Fish, Yellow-tail Barracudas, Green Turtles, Octupus, Ghost Pipe Fish in the extended reef, and Garden Eels, many kinds of Trigger fish, as well as Clown Trigger fish, swim together with Leopard Sharks in the sandy bottom of the divesite.


More Similan Island Dive Sites

MV Nautica

Live Aboard Thailand MV Nautica MV Nautica, a steel mono-hull vessel, was custom built in 2004 to International Maritime Organisation (IMO) specifications. This assures you that the vessel lives up to standards of safety and security that not many liveaboard vessels in Thailand can boast. It is built with the intention of providing you with a safe, pleasurable and exhilarating cruising experience.

A comfortable and luxurious liveaboard boat, Nautica accommodates up to 12 guests. She has 1 double bed master cabin and another 4 twin double bed cabins, including a bunk bed cabin. All cabins have been designed to give you a sense of luxury, furnished with teak wood and equipped with individually controlled air condition, en suite bathrooms (except the bunk bed cabin on main deck) with hot shower and towels provided, large sea view windows to let in the morning sunlight, reading lights, wardrobes for your personal belongings and a mini bar.

She boasts a spacious open air lounge on the upper deck with comfortable cushions for relaxing in your post-dive times. In fact there is a general laid back atmosphere to this vessel

accomplished with the help of a sociable and friendly crew which makes for an easy, fun and enjoyable live aboard experience. You can also listen to your favourite cds and watch movies or explore our extensive marine library.

Food on board the MV Nautica is served by buffet, providing you with the option of many different dishes and the opportunity to eat as much as you want. Food is carefully prepared with Thai, European and American dishes served across the day by our caring hostess and coffees and teas, including water and small snacks are free. If you have special dietary requirements please let us know.

Diving with MV Nautica will provide you with the opportunity to visit Koh Tarutao, one of the least visited dive sites by other boats and the on board instructors will be happy to teach you new skills and train you all the way to higher levels of PADI certification.



4 days & 4 nights or 6 days & 6 nights

Similan Islands, Richelieu Rock, Koh Bon West Ridge, Koh Tachai

Sample Itinerary
Departure at 6 – 7 pm. Guests are picked up from within Phuket. Board MV Nautica at the pier and depart with destination Similan Islands,Thailand. Dinner is served on board followed by a briefing regarding the schedule of the following days.


8 days & 8 nights
Similans, Koh Tachai, Koh Bon, Richelieu Rock, and the Mergui Archipelago, Rocky Island, Black Rock

Travel through the night to the spectacular Similan Islands in Thailand.

Day 1
Similans, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai dive sites

Day 2
Richelieu Rock, then cruise to Myanmar and Thailand border
Day 3
Mergui Archipelago (Myanmar – Burma)

Day 4
Mergui Archipelago (Myanmar – Burma)

Day 5
Mergui Archipelago (Myanmar – Burma)

Day 6
Mergui Archipelago (Myanmar – Burma), cruise to Myanmar and Thailand border

Day 7
Richelieu Rock, Koh Bon

Day 8
Arrival Day: visit Koh Tachai, departure from Tablamu after lunch, followed by minibus transfer back to your hotel in Phuket.

*N.B.: The MV Nautica route will widely depend on current weather conditions and the current political situation in Burma; decisions are taken by Captain and Cruise Director, always with consideration to the wishes of the guests.



SY Ruby Boat Specifications & Technical Information

Yacht Specifications  Comfort & Entertainment
Design Silkline 510 aluminium performance catamaran Ventilation Air conditioning, electric fans and opening hatches in all cabins and saloon
Built Built in 2007 in Malaysia & Thailand, commissioned in January 2008 Fresh Water 4 hot & cold showers inside, deck shower at transom
LOA 51ft (1.4m) Access to Sea  Close to water swim platform and swim ladder on aft transom
Beam 25ft (7.7m) Sun Protection Fixed bimini over cockpit, flexible awning covering foredeck
Draft 3ft (0.9m) Entertainment CD/DVD/MP3 player, 32" LCD TV, music/video library
Displacement 9500kg  
Hull material Aluminium Safety
Rig Fractional rig, 3 spreaders, spinnaker prodder Life Vests 10 adult vests, children’s vests on request, 10 safety harnesses
Sails Fully battened main sail (68sqm), furling genoa (45sqm), spinnaker (125sqm) First Aid Generic first aid
Steering Steering wheel, hydraulic Fire Extinguishers Yes
Winches 3 manual winches Emergency Equipment Emergency flares, EPIRB, 2 DAN buoy2, 6 life rings, throw lines
Cruising Performance Under power: 8kts ; under sail: 8kts ; top speed: 16-20kts Toolkit & Repair Basic toolkit including wire cutters and sail repair items
Technical Specifications Activities Equipment
Engine 2×39 HP Yanmar Tender 8 person 3.65m RIB with 15hp outboard
Fuel Diesel Snorkeling Masks, snorkels and fins
Fuel capacity 900 liter *Scuba Diving Full dive equipment for 6 persons on board always, built-in dive compressor. Dives charged at €40 EUR per dive including equipment and divemaster.
Water capacity 700 liter Other Watersports 2 double kayaks
Watermaker 160 liter/hour Fishing Gear Reels for trawling and fishing rod
Anchor winch Electric  
Electricity 12 V DC (+ DC-charger) & 100-220 V AC (through generator)
Yacht Equipment Accommodation
Basic navigation Paper charts, compass, binoculars, navigation toolkit Maximum Passengers 8 for crewed charters, 10 for bareboat charters
Navigation equipment Depth sounder, wind instrument, GPS, autopilot, radar, chart plotter Double cabins 3 double en suite cabins (2 x king size, 1 x queen) all with private bathroom 1 double cabin (queen size) with shared bathroom
Communication VHF radio, GSM phone Single cabins 2 single berths in bow sections
Galley Bathrooms  4 bathrooms/shower
Cooking 3 burner gas stove, microwave/grill, gas BBQ, espresso machine Saloon U-shaped couch seating 10 persons in comfort
Cold Storage 2 fridges, 1 freezer, 1 big ice box On Deck Wide walkways, uncluttered decks, big netting


1. Salon
2. Galley
3. Cockpit and outside lounge area
4. Double ensuite cabin with total 3: 2x king size and 1x queen size)
5. Double aft-cabin
6. Shower and bathroom
7. Netting
8. Single cabin (crew cabin, total 2)



MV Scuba Cat

Liveaboard Diving Thailand MV Scuba Cat BoatNewly refurbished in 2008, the MV Scuba Cat operates in the Similan waters and is the largest diving liveaboard catamaran in the country. Those divers suffering from sea sickness will find this vessel most comfortable and stable owing to its construction and location.

MV Scuba Cat Liveaboard is a unique diving platform in that it is moored in the calm waters of the Similan Islands and only travels from dive site to dive site within the National Marine Park. Our MV Scuba Sport speed boat transfers divers to the MV Scuba Cat almost daily, depending on the season. Once transfered onto the vessel you have a choice of staying as many days as you like, doing up to 5 dives a day. You also have the opportunity to rent an ocean kayak or we can take you to the beautiful surrounding beaches where you can sunbathe to your heart’s content or, if you are looking for a different kind of sport alongside diving, you can take part in our famous sunset volleyball matches on the beach. Life on board this vessel is easy going. There is also ample space to relax on top of its 80 square meter sun deck, where you can chat about all of your day’s adventures. The MV Scuba Cat live aboard is a fine place to make new diving friends exploring the spectacular underwater world of the Similans.

She boasts a low level dive platform with ample space, making equipment preparation and access to the water very easy for everyone on board.

If you are a beginner diver, and unsure of your diving skills, this should be the ideal boat for you to start your liveaboard career, since you will be diving in the safety of the protected waters of the Similan National Marine Park, with plenty of shallower water dives sites around. MV Scuba Cat will take you to dive sites such as Honeymoon Bay, Boulder City, Hideaway Reef, Deep Six, Breakfast Bend and Elephant Head Rock among others.

MV Scuba Cat accommodates up to 20 divers in its twin share cabins. All cabins are spacious and have upper and lower berths, reading lights, fans, lockable boxes and a view of the ocean through your window, first thing in the morning when you wake up.

The crew on board are always friendly and willing to answer any questions, help you with anything you need and teach you about the underwater world, always with your safety and that of the environment in mind.

In the low season MV Scuba Cat liveaboard journeys to the protection of Racha Yai and Racha Noi islands, where transfers to the vessel take place daily. Racha Yai is the best place to learn scuba diving, since the underwater currents are mild. The dives sites in this area are rich with aquatic life and hard corals reefs. Racha Noi on the other hand, fit for more experienced divers due to the strong currents, offers dive sites full of soft corals, home to larger fish and manta rays.

Book with Island Cruises all year round, for a journey into the stunning underwater world of the Similans with the choice of as many diving days as you wish and the added bonus of maintaining your independence by not having to follow a particular Cruise schedule as with all other vessels.



Sample Itinerary – 5 days and 4 Nights
Day 1
We pick you up from your accommodation in Phuket at 6:30 to 7 am and transfer you to the MV Scuba Cat Liveaboard in the Similans. Upon arrival at 12:30 pm you have a filling buffet lunch, after which you are assigned a cabin and given a health and safety on board briefing. Your first dive takes place soon after, followed by a fresh fruit and cookies snack and another two dives, a total of 3 dives on your first day. Since on board the MV Scuba Cat you can make up to five dives a day, there is always ample time for you to spend some time on the beach while catching the later dive. We can take you to the beach or your can rent one of our ocean kayaks, exploring your more primitive explorer instincts, away from engines of any kind. Return back on board for dinner is at 6 pm.

Days 2, 3 & 4
We usually wake you up at 6:30 am. A light self service breakfast with toast, fruit cereal, juice and coffee is followed by your first dive of the day, at 7:30 am. There is nothing like diving early in the morning before the fishes go to school and the sun starts the hard work! Your first dive is then followed by a full western breakfast. The second dive is at 10:10 am, followed by lunch at 12 pm and another two dives at 2 pm and 4 pm. Dinner is served at 6 pm and you can dive in the night if you wish, at approximately 7:30 pm. Once again, you can always break your schedule a little by relaxing on the sun deck or taking a trip to the surrounding beaches for a few hours.

Departure Day
Your final day on board includes another 3 dives, again at 7:30 am, 10 am and 12 pm. having satiated your diving hunger and full with experience you will indeed be hungry for some food! Lunch is served at 1 pm and at 2:15 you will be transfered back to Patong Bay. The way back is a good time to complete your log book.



SY Ruby Schedule

SY Ruby charter yacht Thailand


SY Ruby is a yacht charter and as such does not have particular schedules.

To book this luxurious crewed yacht charter for your scuba diving adventures contact us at Island Cruises. We offer the best live aboard diving packages in Thailand.



MV Giamani Boat Specifications & Technical Information

General Information Cabin Types Available
Built in the year 1998
2 Standard Twin Share Cabins
Length 24m (78.7ft)
Deluxe Triple share or Twin share Cabins
Beam 6.5m (21ft)
All Standard cabins have:
Draft 2 m (6 ft)
Individually controlled air condition & fan
Material: Steel
Shared bathroom & hot shower
Tonage: 62 tons
Cupboard space for storing your belongings
Two NISSAN engines each with 230 HP
Large panoramic window
Max speed of 12 knots
All Deluxe cabins have:
A cruising speed of 9 knots
Individually controlled air condition & fan
Range: 3000 miles
En suite facilities (private toilet & hot shower)
Two generators each with 30kw
Cupboard space for storing your belongings
All cabins complete with 220v of Electricity 24 hours a day
Two L&W compressors
Onboard Crew
NITROX system onboard
1 Captain
Large inflatable dingy with an outboard of 30bhp
1 Engineer
Fitted with modern navigation equipment
1 Deck hand
Fully equipment medic first aid and oxygen system
1 Cook
Water capacity: 10,000 Liters
1 Hostess
Water makers  2 X 4000 liters per day
1 Cruise director (dive instructor)
Comfortable sofa area
1 Tour leader (dive instructor)
3rd Dive instructor, if full boat
CD / VCD Music system with music selection 
DVD Player with a library of films
Safety Facilities PADI Scuba Diving Courses Available
Satellite phone PADI Advanced Open Water Course
Mobile phone PADI NITROX Course
VHF Radio & SSB Radio PADI Specialty Courses:
Depth sounder x 2 Peak Performance Buoyancy
CB Radio, 24h contact with NAVY Project Aware
Radar x 2 AWARE Coral Reef Conservation
EPIRB Fish Identification
O2 tank & O2 instructor provided on board Deep Diver
MFA Kit & Emergency First Response instructors on board Diver Propulsion Vehicle (charge for rental of vehicle)
Two life rafts complete with jackets throughout Multilevel Diver
Emergency evacuation facilities with helicopter & ambulance Night Diver
Affiliated member with the Hyperbaric Chamber in Phuket Underwater Photographer
Fire extinguishers  


Upper Deck:Liveaboard Boat Layout MV Giamani
1 – Deluxe cabin
2 – Deluxe cabin
3 – Deluxe cabin
4 – Deluxe cabin
5 – Galley
6 – Dive deck
7 – Relaxation area at boat’s bow

Main Deck:
1 – Standard cabin
2 – Standard cabin
3 – Bathroom
4 – Wheelhouse
5 – Air conditioned salon
6 – Dining deck



MV Nautica Boat Specifications & Technical Information

General Information Diving
Boat type: Steel Motor Vessel Tanks/Nitrox: 26 x 12 l INT valves
Built in 2004 Nitrox fill station: Fischerblender Airmix
Length: 24 m Air compressors: Bauer 2 x Mariner 250 E
Width: 5 m Dinghy: 4,5 m Dingy with 30hp Yamaha Outboard
Engines: Hino 2 x 375 HP Ratio guide to divers: 6 divers / 1 guide
Max. Speed: 12 knots Cabins
Cruising speed: 8 -10 knots Max guests: 12
Diesel tank: 12,000 Litres 1 x Master Cabin
Fresh water tank: 12,000 Litres 4 x Twin / Double Cabin
Water maker: 2000 Litres / day 1 x Bunk Bed Cabin
Navigation & Communication Crew
Radar Captain
GPS Engineer
Depth Sounder, Cook Deckhand
Mobile- & Satellite Phone Hostess
SSB MF/HF Tour Leader / Cruise Director
VHF & CB Radio Dive Master / Instructor
NAVTEX receiver Other Special  Facilities
EPIRB Big sun deck area
Safety Comfortable sofa area
7 x 50 l Oxygen Library
MFA Kit CD / VCD Music system with music selection
25 x Life Jackets DVD Player with a library of films
2 Life Rafts max. 30 person Secure Safe Box
Fire Extinguisher Souvenirs
Electricity   Daily Room Service
Voltages: 220V, 380V, Nightly Turn-Down Service
Generator: 2 x 15kw , 1 x 5kw Customer Travel Accident Insurance by New Hampshire Insurance
Affiliated with the Hyperbaric Chamber in Phuket at the Bangkok Phuket Hospital 
Badalveda Insurance


1 – Scuba Diving platform
Boat Layout MV Nautica Liveaboard 2 – Cushioned relaxation area
3 – Dining area
4 – Stairs
5 – Service counter & T.V
6 – Toilet & shower
7 – Master cabin
8 – Wheelhouse
9 – Dive deck
10 – Storage room
11 – Twin / double bed cabins
12 – Stairs
13 – Salon
14 – Galley
15 – Steering room
16 – Compressor room
17 – Engine room
18 – Fuel tanks
19 – Cofferdam
20 – Water tanks
21 – Cruise director cabin
22 – Crew cabin
23 – Ballast tank



MV Explorer Prices

PRICES 2010-2011

APRIL 2010
02 Apr – 06 Apr
25,000 Thai Baht – Diver
17,500 Thai Baht – Non-Diver
07 Apr – 11 Apr
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
12 Apr – 16 apr
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
17 Apr – 21 pr
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
22 Apr – 26 Apr
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
26 Apr – 30 Apr
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
01 Nov – 05 Nov
Thailand – Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai & Richelieu Rock
25,000 Thai Baht
06 Nov – 10 Nov
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
11 Nov 15 Nov
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
16 Nov – 20 Nov
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
21 Nov – 25 Nov
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
26 Nov – 30 Nov
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
01 Dec – 05 Dec
Thailand – Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai & Richelieu Rock
25,000 Thai Baht
6 Dec – 10 Dec
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
11 Dec – 15 Dec
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
16 Dec – 20 Dec
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
21 Dec – 25 Dec
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
26 Dec – 30 Dec
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
31 Dec – 04 Jan
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
05 Jan – 09 Jan
Thailand – Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai & Richelieu Rock
25,000 Thai Baht
10 Jan – 14 Jan
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
15 Jan – 19 Jan
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
20 Jan – 24 Jan
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
25 Jan – 29 Jan
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
30 Jan – 03 Feb
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
04 Feb – 08 Feb
Thailand – Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai & Richelieu Rock
25,000 Thai Baht
09 Feb – 13 Feb
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
14 Feb – 18 Feb
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
19 Feb – 23 Feb
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
24 Feb – 28 Feb
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
01 Mar – 05 Mar
Thailand – Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai & Richelieu Rock
25,000 Thai Baht
06 Mar – 10 Mar
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
11 Mar – 15 Mar
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
16 Mar – 20 Mar
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
21 Mar – 25 Mar
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
26 Mar – 30 Mar
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
31 Mar – 04 Apr
Thailand – Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai & Richelieu Rock
25,000 Thai Baht
05 Apr – 09 Apr
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
10 Apr – 14 Apr
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
15 Apr – 19 Apr
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
20 Apr – 24 Apr
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht
25 Apr – 29 Apr
As Above
25,000 Thai Baht


Prices Include Prices Do Not Include
Transfers to and from your accommodation / dive vessel Alcohol
Air conditioned cabins – twin share Marine National Park Fees
All meals Diving courses
Fruits, drinking water, coffee, tea Rental equipment
Tanks, Torches, weights & weight belts  
Divemaster supervision  
Accident & Recompression Chamber Insurance  
National Marine Park Fees
Almost all of the diving we do is in National Marine Parks. Entering the park requires a fee. This directly funds the Park Rangers, who take care of the park and are responsible for the maintenance and instalation of mooring buoys.
National Marine Park Fees 4 Days & 4 Nights Cruise
Diver 1,600 Thai Baht
Non-Diver 800 Thai Baht

Equipment Rental

Full set of equipment per day

600 Thai Baht

Equipment includes Reg, top quality Cressi Sub BCD, Wetsuit, Fins Mask, Snorkel




About Liveaboard Thailand

Liveaboard Thailand is part of the sailing company Island Cruises Yacht Charter in Phuket and in Koh Tao Thailand.

Island Cruises offers the best liveaboard diving packages in Thailand. The company is working successfully with the best liveaboard operators in Thailand for many years. Please have a look around on our website. We are confident that you will find a liveaboard cruise that suits your budget and caters to all your needs.

Outer Similans

Within the Similan Islands National Marine Park, one finds incredible dive sites, such as Koh Bon and Koh Tachai, which are geologically separate from the near by Similan islands. They are famous for their pelagic sightings and also provide opportunities for thrilling night diving. Their wonders however do not end there. Read detailed descriptions of these sites below, to have a sense of the unimaginable wealth of aquatic life that awaits you, when you book one of our liveaboard yacht charters, with our company Island Cruises.

Richelieu Rock is a spectacular, world famous dive site quite further away from the Northern Similan Islands.

It is part of the Surin Islands National Park, but we have included it in our Outer Similans page, as it is typically included in most of our Similan Island liveaboard diving packages.

All of these dive sites attract large numbers of all sizes of colourful fish and rich gardens of many kinds of corals and little critters. You will without a doubt be amazed at what you see and will be dreaming of your next scuba diving live aboard adventure before you even return home.


Outer Similan Island Dive Sites


Liveaboard Diving Picture Gallery

Pictures of the Similan Islands Thailand 2010

The Turtle and The Guitar Ray Pictures have been taken by Philip Wade

The pictures from the Manta Rays, the Cleaner Shrimps and the MV Giamani have been taken by Eirini Bak