SY Ruby

SY Ruby Yacht Charter Sailing ThailandSY Ruby is a luxurious, fast charter catamaran with spacious areas both inside and outside the yacht. She boasts a large salon, seating 10 guests, sufficiently air-conditioned and two slick varnished tables where you can sit and enjoy your culinary adventures into the best Thai delights you can find in the country, with class. The salon leads to a u-shaped galley just opposite. From this area you reach the spacious double cabins within the hull of each side of the vessel.

Ruby’s three cabins with ensuite bathroom and shower are sure to provide you with all the comfort you need, with wide storage spaces for your personal items and maximum ventilation with fans and air-conditioning, including opening hatches letting in the fresh sea air and allowing comfortable sightings of the stunning environment around the waters and the sound of the sea first thing in the morning. She also has a double cabin with access to a communal bathroom and shower. Ruby was built with a view to offering you a sense of luxury during your liveaboard sailing.

Above deck and all around the cockpit area Ruby is complete with Sunbrella seat cushions and a large awning covering the entire area, providing much needed shelter from the sun, when your tanning mission is complete. Just then, simply walk to the cockpit fridge where you will find a variety of cooling drinks to quench your thirst and reclimatise; should you need to, you also have easy access to a washroom from this area. A stylish teak table further furnishes the cockpit and can be converted into a comfortable queen size bed, should you wish to lounge under the stars later in the evening.

Ruby‘s decks are spacious enough to provide comfort to all the vessel’s guests. She has a large flexible awning offering further shade when you have sat on the coach roof under the sun for too long. Welcoming large Ferrari nettings are also there for you to relax from your scuba diving adventures.

Complete with state of the art entertainment systems, SY Ruby has all the amenities necessary for fantastic live aboard dive trips and is crewed by warm and friendly staff, eager to please you and guide you around and down into the most spectacular dive sites in the world, meanwhile showing you the most stunning beaches in the islands surrounding them. SY Ruby is the perfect yacht for your luxurious liveaboard scuba diving adventures.

SY Ruby is built in such a way as to make diving as comfortable as diving can be and she does a good job accomplishing this. Stable, with lots of room for storing your diving gear, and the easiest access to and from the water with sea level steps, she boasts the best diving platform you can find in these waters. Furthermore, she has a silent built-in compressor, able to fill a bottle in just under 8 minutes.



SY Ruby sails in Thailand, the Andaman Islands, Malaysia and Myanmar (Burma).



SY Nakamal

SY Nakamal Thailand Charter YachtSailing Yacht Nakamal is a catamaran crewed charter, operating liveaboard cruises in Thailand, from Phuket. Nakamal is a fast yacht, most comfortable, well designed and equipped for tropical climates.

Accommodating up to 6 guests within 3 cabins, Nakamal and her experienced crew, will sail you to all your live aboard dream dive sites in the Phuket waters and surrounding islands, including the Similan Islands and the Surin Islands. She has wide decks where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the Andaman sea, providing you with easy access to the water for your swimming and snorkeling expeditions. When you’ve had a good filling of the sun you can find shelter in the protected cockpit with a refreshing ice drink in your hands.

Below deck, the interior of Nakamal is as beautiful as the exterior. Light and breezy she is built with wooden trimmings and lots of white colours around. The 3 double cabins all come with fans and hatches that open to the world outside, so you can catch views of the sea and sky when you open your eyes in the morning. Nakamal was fully refitted in December 2005 with a view to providing an even more comfortable and pleasant cruise for its passengers. Up to 8 passengers can lounge in the salon, dine and relax into the night. It is also possible to convert the settee to 2 single berths. Just a few steps away from the salon, within the starboard hull, you will find our well equipped gallery. The salon further connects to the cockpit.

During your liveaboard trip, the captain and his crew will take good care of you, cooking delightful food to quench your appetite after your scuba diving adventures and making sure that you are comfortable, answering all your questions and giving you valuable information about the wonders that await you in the Andaman sea as you cruise along the islands. Liveaboard diving with Nakamal and its crew will be an experience you will always remember and will leave you feeling satisfied and refreshed, with a sense of warmth in your heart.

Discover the wonders of the underwater world sailing on our fully equipped live aboard yacht charter SY Nakamal.


SY Nakamal sails to the Similan Islands, the Surin Islands and the Islands around Phuket. Further south she visits the Butang group of islands. She also visits Myanmar and the Andaman and Nicobar islands belonging to India.


MV Colona VI

Thailand Liveaboard Diving MV Colona VI Built in 2000 and locally constructed, MV Colona VI provides you with all the comforts you will need for your live aboard diving trip. She has been sailing smoothly for 8 seasons and is one of our most popular boats, with many customers returning to sail with her time and time again.

MV Colona is a wooden hull live aboard vessel. Neat and tidy, there is plenty of space for diving safely in the dive deck, where 14 divers and 2 guides are easily and comfortably accommodated. The diving deck is in fact organised to provide individual tank holders for each diver with ample space for storing your other equipment. All the tanks are filled on the spot by experienced and certified crew. Nitrox is also available on this vessel and there are tables beside the tank storage area for storing your computers, including a fresh water tank, for rinsing computers and cameras in particular.

She has 6 twin cabins and 1 double cabin all fitted with air condition, electric sockets (no need for pin adapters as these are international, working at 220 a.c.) fridge, cupboard space for your personal items and a large panoramic window to gaze at the stars at night and the turquoise waters in the morning just as you open your eyes to a new day.

Meals in MV Colona VI include both Thai and European cuisine, with a variety of delicacies to please all pallets. Colona VI runs a buffet, which effectively means that you can eat to your stomach’s content.

Tired from a hard day’s diving you can relax in the upper deck with free coffee, tea and water or you can order a beer, wine or soft drinks at a small charge. Cushions all around offer a sense of home in Colona VI, while you watch a DVD or listen to your favourite CD tunes. There is also an on-board library should you feel inclined to expand your horizons in-between dives.



4 Days at The Similan and Surin Islands
14 Dives -4 Days & 4 Nights

Leaving from Phuket at 9 pm. Overnight traveling to the stunning Similan Islands.

Diving for 3 days around the Similan Islands. In the late afternoon there you have a chance to visit island number 4 for one or two hours. The fourth dive is a night dive, in Donald Duck bay at island number 4. Overnight stay is in a cozy secluded bay. The best time to relax and enjoy a DVD or read your favourite book.

The fifth dive is at the Similan Islands, followed by onward travel to Koh Bon for Dives 6 and 7. The eighth dive may be either at late afternoon under the sunset sky or in the night at Koh Tachai. Stay on board overnight at Koh Tachai.

Dive number 9 is again at Koh Tachai, followed by a trip to the spectacular dive site of Richelieu Rock where dives 10 and 11 take place. Dive number 12 will again be at Koh Tachai in the sunset or at night time in Koh Bon. Following this, Colona VI travels back to the Similans with an on board overnight stay in one of the Similan islands.

Dives number 13 and 14 take place at the Similan islands.Return to Patong Bay. Liveaboard trip ends with disembarkation at 6 pm.


2 Days at Hin Daeng, Hin Muang and Phi Phi
7 Dives – 2 Days & 2 Nights

Leaving from Phuket at 9 pm. Overnight traveling to the most stunning dive sites of the South, famously known as Hin Daeng and Hin Muang.

Hin Daeng and Hin Muang exploration over 3 dives. Dive number 4 will either be a sunset dive at Hin Daeng & Hin Muang or a memorable night dive in the famous islands of Phi Phi followed by relaxation on the boat.

Dive number 5 is an early morning dive at Koh Bida Nok, followed by dive number 6 at Shark Point dive site. Finally, dive number 7 is at a beautiful macro island called Koh Doc Mai. Liveaboard trip ends with disembarkation in Phuket at 6 pm.


6 Days at The Similans, Surin Islands, Hin Daeng, Hin Muang and Phi Phi
21 Dives – 6 Days & 6 Nights

For this cruise simply combine the two itineraries above.


6 Days at The Similan and Surin Islands
22 Dives – 6 Days & 6 Nights

Leaving from Phuket at 9 pm. Traveling overnight to the amazing Similan Islands.

Dives 1, 2 and 3 are all around the Similan Islands, with the opportunity to visit island number four in the late afternoon. Here takes place dive number 4, which is a night dive in Donald Duck bay. On-board overnight stay in a secluded bay where you can enjoy your evening under the stars, breathing the fresh sea air and smiling at the moon with a cold drink.

Dive number 5 is still at the Similan Islands, then traveling on to Koh Bon for dives 6 and 7. The next dive will be in Koh Tachai either at sunset or in the night. Overnight stay at Koh Tachai with a small book and big smile.

Dive number 9 is again at Koh Tachai, then traveling on to the world famous Richelieu Rock dive site for another 2 dives. Dive number 12 will either be a late afternoon dive at Koh Tachai or a night dive at Koh Bon.

Koh Tachai for dive number 13, Koh Bon for dive number 14 and then back to the Similan Islands. Dives number 15 and 16 at the Similan Islands with the latte possibly being a night dive.

Similan Islands excursions provide further excitement for dives 17, 18, 19 and 20, followed by an afternoon journey to island number eight. If you find you want more adventures on land you can follow our tour guide, hiking to the viewpoint, where you can capture some spectacular shots of the Andaman Sea and islands around.

Visit dive sites Shark Fin Reef and Boulder City for dives 21 and 22. Return to Patong Bay, with disembarkation at Phuket around 6 pm.



MV Scuba Cat Prices

PRICES 2009-2010

November 2009 – May 2010

2 / 1
12,000 Thai Baht
3 / 2
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
16,000 Thai Baht
4 / 3
Sunday, Friday
20,000 Thai Baht
5 / 4
Monday, Wednesday
24,000 Thai Baht
Additional days after 6 days

+5000 Thai Baht
July 2010 – September 2010
1 / 0
3,100 Thai Baht
2 / 1
6,900 Thai Baht
Extra Day
3,900 Thai Baht
– 20 %
– 20 %


Prices Include Prices Do Not Include
Transfers to and from your accommodation Alcohol & Soft drinks
Towels Marine National Park Fees
Freshly cooked buffet meals Diving courses
Snacks, fruits, drinking water, coffee, tea Rental equipment
Tanks, torches, weights  
Divemaster service  
National Marine Park Fees
400 Thai Baht Entry plus 200 Thai Baht a day, per diver

Equipment Rental

Full set of equipment per day

750 Thai Baht