Shark Fin Reef

Located southeast of island number 3, Shark Fin Reef gets its name from the three pointy tops of the reef, looking like a shark’s fins, which protrude from the water, when the tide is low.

Detailed Map of Shark Fin Reef - Similan Islands 1 2 3This reef boasts granite boulders as long as 1 kilometer. It has steep walls shaped so perfectly that one would think they were the result of someone’s artwork.

At the edge the reef stretches downward to a sandy 35 meter deep bottom. In the north one finds massive boulders surrounded by small rocks and the waters are a bit shallower. The areas all around these boulders are covered in soft and hard corals and gorgeous sea fans.
This is a well known for its strong currents divesite, particularly at the top of the boulders, where it’s difficult to find shelter. Across the length of the deeper waters of the site however, one can more easily hide from the currents.

Many of our liveaboards will sail you to Shark Fin Reef where you can continue your exciting scuba dive trips, testing your skills and physique against these strong currents, while catching awesome views of vibrant marine life to be found in the site.


Shark Fin Reef Dive Site Details

Liveaboard Diving Similan Islands - Giant Moray Eel at Shark Fin Reef
Recommended live aboard diver certification: Advanced or higher

Maximum depth: 35-40 meters

Visibility: 20+ meters

Temperature: 27+ degrees

Divesite marine life: Boxfish, Humphead Parrot Fish and Napoleon Wrasse, a wealth of fusiliers and Cleaner Wrasse, Giant Moray Eels, Kuhls Stingrays as well as Leopard Sharks


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