East Of Eden

Located in southeast of island number 7, East of Eden is by far the most widely famous dive site across the Similan Islands. In the southern area of the site one finds a deep pinnacle which starts at 24 meters and ends somewhere around 12 meters.

Detailed Map Of The East Of Eden Divesite In The Similan Islands 1 2 3This is beautifully covered in massive Table Corals, Feather Star Worms of all colours, Sea Fans of all sizes and Anemones gently dancing to the rhythm of the waters of the site, all attracting a wealth of marine life.

East Of Eden is an ecosystem in its own right! You will find that it is the most filmed and photographed dive site in the world.

As your liveaboard diving cruise takes you into this area, you may catch your self wondering which other dive site can top this one. Not to worry, there are many wonders to be found in many other areas of the Similan Islands, promptly visited by our liveaboards. For now, just relax and enjoy the diversity of aquatic life living within the underwater walls somewhere East Of Eden.

Currents in this dive site are always gentle and run from the north to the south of the site. You can dive here quite comfortably.


East Of Eden Dive Site Details

East Of Eden - Liveaboard Diving Adventures - Ghost Pipe Fish
Recommended live aboard diver certification: Open Water

Maximum depth: 35 meters

Visibility: 20+ meters

Temperature: 27+ degrees

Divesite marine life: Purple Fire Goby, Dart Goby and Garden Eels can be found at the sandy bottom of the site. In the morning one also finds Leopard Sharks as well. A wide variety of tropical fish can be seen as you drift upwards to more shallow areas, along with Octupus, Banded Sea Snakes, Hawksbill and further up Green Turtles. On the southern edge of the site you will find the Bommie attracting an surprising wealth of aquatic life. Smaller creatures include Ornate Ghost Pipe Fish and Nudibranches.


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