Breakfast Bend

This is the perfect Similan Islands dive site to begin your scuba diving adventures. Jump from our Liveaboard yacht charter into crystal clear waters and gently descend down to 25 meters, where you will encounter scattered rock formations and beautiful soft corals with many Sea Fans, all gracefully complementing each other to create a living garden of colors.

Similan Islands Map Islands - Breakfast BendBreakfast Bend coral reef is for the most part only 5 meters deep, which allows for beginner scuba divers to exercise their newly acquired skills and become acquainted with the Similan beauty that further awaits in deeper divesites.

Currents in this divesite are usually fairly quiet and allow for easy diving. The center of the divesite however, tends to split into two currents pushing north and south. Here you have the opportunity to decide which current you wish to ride, as the north stream will float you up to another site, the North Point, and the south stream to more shallow waters.


Breakfast Bend Dive Site Details

Breakfast Bend  Walking Octopus - Similan Island Divesites
Recommended live aboard diver certification: Beginner or higher

Maximum depth: 35 – 40 meters

Temperature: 27+ degrees

Visibility: 20+ meters

Divesite marine life: Sweetlips, Snappers, Fusiliers, Bat Fish, Yellow-tail Barracudas, Green Turtles, Octupus, Ghost Pipe Fish in the extended reef, and Garden Eels, many kinds of Trigger fish, as well as Clown Trigger fish, swim together with Leopard Sharks in the sandy bottom of the divesite.


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