Elephant Head Rock

Located in between islands 7 and 8, Elephant Head Rock is distinguishable from afar due to three enormous boulders, which rise above the surface. With a bit of imagination, one can see the image of an elephant head forming out of those boulders.

Elephant Head Rock Map in the Similan Islands between 7 and 8These boulders sitting on more rocks, give an indication of what awaits below the surface. Masses of caverns, caves and tunnels to swim through at 24 meters depth await, all literally covered in tons of different kinds of fish; all the fish you can ever hope to see in a single dive. At the edge of the rocks you can swim down to 40 meters. Sail with our luxury liveaboard vessels to this amazing divesite, covered with thick layers of corals and massive sea fans. Then, just when you think you’ve seen enough, more swims your way!

Currents in this dive site tend to vary, flowing from the northeast to the southwest and vice versa, depending on the tide. As you approach the rocks the currents will drift you to different directions, making this a rather unpredictable and exciting dive, particularly if you are an experienced diver. If you need to, you can always hide between the boulders, to find shelter from the currents.

Sail with our liveaboard yacht charter to a divesite that will forever remain sketched in your memory for all the good reasons!


Elephant Head Rock Dive Site Details

Giant Turtle - Similan Islands Liveaboard Dive Site - Elephant Head Rock
Recommended live aboard diver certification: Advanced Diver or higher

Maximum depth: 40 meters

Visibility: 20+ meters

Temperature: 27+ degrees

Divesite marine life: You can find everything here; within the boulder cracks you can see small creatures like Boxer and Clearing Shrimps, Flabellinas and Nudibranches, as well as larger ones, such as Turtles, Oriental and Harlequin Sweetlips, Giant Groupers and Octopus. Great Barracudas, Fussiliers, Giant Travellies, Big Snappers and White and Black-Tip Reef Sharks can be seen all around the rocks.


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