Deep Six

Deriving its name from its great depth, Deep Six boasts massive boulders laid on top of each other, creating a maze of caverns and areas to swim through. This really is the place to fine tune your buoyancy skills during your liveaboard scuba diving adventure in the Similan Islands.

Deep Six Similan Islands Map Islands 4 5 6 7As you swim away from the boulders you can drop down to depths of almost 50 meters, encountering a variety of fish and aquatic life. The best thing about this divesite is the Kuhl Sting Rays and the nearly extinct and rarely seen Andaman Sweetlips, which you can only see here.

Enjoy your dive, swimming with gentle Leopard Sharks and see the most fascinating colourful Mantis Shrimps.

Currents here change depending on the flow of the tide and they can are likely to pick up, nudging you away from the boulders; if you need shelter from the storm just head for the eastern part of Deep Six.


Deep Six Dive Site Details

Picture of a Mantis Shrimp at Deep Six divesite in the Similan Islands
Recommended live aboard diver certification: Advanced or higher

Maximum depth: 40-50 meters

Temperature: 27+ degrees

Visibility: 20+ meters

Divesite marine life: Plenty of small creatures like Harlequins, Pipefish, Octopus, Banded Sea Snakes, Nudibranches, Mantis Shrimps in the protected areas under the boulders, and Kuhl Sting Rays, along with Barracudas, Groupers, Snappers, Sweetlips and, last but not least, Leopard Sharks.


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