Boulder City

Boulder city is named after the massive boulders found around the heart of the site. Some of them are more than 25 meters tall and draw the outline of an amazingly rich in aquatic life dive environment.

Boulder City Similan Islands Map Islands 1 2 3As your liveaboard scuba diving adventures take you to the open ocean, you find that the currents around this area become quite strong. Nevertheless, for an experienced scuba diver it will be a breeze to let the currents guide you over the dive site.

In between these massive boulders you will encounter all kinds of colorful marine life. If you find you want further excitement, simply step out of the protection of the boulders and allow the currents to sweep you off your fins.

Other famous dive sites in this area include Shark Fin Reef and East of Eden, where you can snorkel and dive to your heart’s content.


Boulder City Dive Site Details

Live Aboard Similan Islands Boulder City - Manta Ray feeding

Recommended live aboard diver certification: Advanced Diver or higher

Maximum depth: 40 meters

Temperature: 27+ degrees

Visibility: 20+ meters

Divesite marine life: Different kinds of Stingrays, Mantas, Big Groupers, Angelfish, Unicorn fish, Puffers, Snappers and, last but not least, White-Tip Sharks.


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