Similan Islands

The world famous Similan Islands Marine National Park, in the Andaman Sea of Thailand, consists of 9 stunning islands, all uninhabited. Besides the paradise found on the islands themselves, with amazing rock formations and beautiful white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, the marine life in the underwater world is astounding.

Map of the Similan Islands Dive Sites in ThailandA variety of corals, soft and hard, house the wealth of aquatic life whose reputation has reached across the world. Fully protected under National Law, Thailand’s Similan Islands offer the richest and most diverse coral reefs to be found in the entire globe.

The Similan Islands provide the best grounds for rich and exciting liveaboard dive trips. This is the best place for you to begin your scuba diving adventures or indeed, to further advance your diving skills and certifications on board one of our luxury liveaboard vessels. Divided into Western and Eastern dive sites, the Similan Islands offer opportunities for unique and diverse dive trips, depending on what you prefer to see and experience.

The Western area boasts grand granite boulders with rock formations all covered with soft corals, thereby creating a variety of holes and caves, perfect for swimming through. It has crystal clear visibility and the currents around the rock formations are sure to leave you feeling excited and exhilarated, willing and ready for more.
The Eastern area on the other hand, well protected from the monsoon coming from the south-west boasts white sandy beaches that stretch underwater to a wealth of hard and soft corals. The currents are never strong in this area, which makes diving and navigation quite simple and easy.

No matter which of these areas you find yourself in, all you have to do is feast your eyes on the stunning images that surround you and you will only hunger for more. At Island Cruises we offer Similan liveaboard cruises and dive packages to suit all budgets and preferences. Much like in the Surin Islands, the Similan Islands underwater world will take your breath away, so please remember scuba diving rule number one and keep breathing!


Similan Island Dive Sites