Koh Tachai

A further 20 kilometers to the north of Koh Bon our luxury liveaboards will sail you to the island of Koh Tachai. This island boasts the paradise white sandy beaches you have been dreaming of and really is the place to visit, particularly if you are a fan of night diving.

The dive site is made up of a series of submerged pinnacles and many boulders, making for excellent swim-throughs. It is mostly famous for sightings of visiting Whale Sharks and Manta Rays but further for the vibrant life that dwells beneath the water.

Koh Tachai is divided into two different kinds of dive sites. The Koh Tachai reef and the Koh Tachai Plateau.

Koh Tachai reef is the sheltered part of the dive site and makes for easier diving when the currents are too powerful. Mild currents here make for a slow drifting dive experience for all diver certification levels. Diving in the later part of the afternoon provides you with the opportunity to see a vast armies of aquatic life rising out of its shelter and playing around the magnificently coloured and widely varied corals.

Koh Tachai Plateau, on the other hand, makes for a more exciting, but also more challenging scuba diving adventure due to its strong currents. The Plateau consists of many sizes of granite rocks and rich gardens of soft and hard corals. In fact the garden on the Plateau itself, with its many shades of coloured corals, is by far the most spectacular in the area.

Currents in this dive site can be quite strong in the Plateau, sometimes making it simply impossible to dive, and rather mild in the reef, where the currents run from south to north.


Koh Tachai Dive Site Details

Recommended live aboard diver certification: Beginner

Maximum depth: 35-40 meters

Visibility: 20+

Temperature: 27+

Divesite marine life: home to a variety of Sea Fans, Anemonies, Sea Sponges and Feather Stars, Huge Napoleon Wrasse and schools of Bannerfish and Fussiliers, Koh Tachai is often by Yellow Tail Baraccudas and Whale Sharks. One also finds Octupus, Cuttlefish and a myriad of corals all around.


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