Koh Bon West Ridge

Fun Diving in the Simlan IslandsTo the north of Similan Island number 9 lies Koh Bon island, famous for the massive Manta Rays swimming around its waters. As most other islands around Koh Bon are made of granite, this little island’s limestone outline is a stunning change from the surrounding scenery.

On the southeast side of the island there is a cliff which slopes down into the water almost vertically from the surface, thereby forming a wall of 33 meters. This levels off to a ridge filled with corals before it drops down to over 40 meters. This whole ridge features gardens of beautiful soft corals with an array of blue, yellow and turquoise colours, not usually seen in other dive sites. This makes Koh Bon a spectacular dive site with rare offerings to quench your diver appetite.

Koh Bon is also a spectacular divesite to visit for your liveaboard night diving. This is Lobster central, but bear in mind you are here to just look, not to catch your dinner!

As the dive site bay is sheltered, quite often there are no currents. However on the southwestern side two currents join together to create a rather unpredictable flow, making this site both exciting and exhilarating to the experienced diver. If you find yourself struggling against the currents, just hide round the corner.


Koh Bon West Ridge Dive Site Details

Recommended live aboard diver certification: Advanced Diver

Maximum depth: 35-40 meters

Visibility: 20+

Temperature: 27+

Divesite marine life: with currents transferring a wide variety of nutrients, much aquatic life is attracted to this site, including the Manta Rays mentioned above and also Reef Sharks and a large variety of Barracudas, Tuna fish and Trevallies. Within the cracks and around the ridge you will find Pipefish, Octupus, Nudibranches, Manta Shrimps, Cuttle Fish and all colour shades of Cowrie shells. Also Lobsters at night.


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