Outer Similans

Within the Similan Islands National Marine Park, one finds incredible dive sites, such as Koh Bon and Koh Tachai, which are geologically separate from the near by Similan islands. They are famous for their pelagic sightings and also provide opportunities for thrilling night diving. Their wonders however do not end there. Read detailed descriptions of these sites below, to have a sense of the unimaginable wealth of aquatic life that awaits you, when you book one of our liveaboard yacht charters, with our company Island Cruises.

Richelieu Rock is a spectacular, world famous dive site quite further away from the Northern Similan Islands.

It is part of the Surin Islands National Park, but we have included it in our Outer Similans page, as it is typically included in most of our Similan Island liveaboard diving packages.

All of these dive sites attract large numbers of all sizes of colourful fish and rich gardens of many kinds of corals and little critters. You will without a doubt be amazed at what you see and will be dreaming of your next scuba diving live aboard adventure before you even return home.


Outer Similan Island Dive Sites